The Islands

A far flung archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. A single standing pearl that is a land of eclectic contrasts. Two epic tricks we’ve been keeping up our sleeve in the Gulf of Guinea. Are you ready to go offbeat and explore the epic islands?

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The Islands

The Azores is a land of crater lakes, steaming hot springs, volcano-peaked horizons, and lush verdant shades of unlimited tropical green.

Madeira is an island of neverending contrasts. From dramatic mountainous peaks to a colonial-style capital and dark sand beaches.

São Tomé & Príncipe, two islands small in size but grand in other ways. Rainforest interiors offer exceptional nature experiences and long tropical beaches offer perfect surfing. 

Island Life

Islands bring out the inner explorer in everyone, whether that be in tackling Portugal’s most towering peak, or participating in local crafts and trades. 

Discover our selection of experiences that engage all the senses, from tasting the finest chocolate to plunging into the depths of the great Atlantic Ocean, there’s something for all ages and interests.

Go Local

We never imagined the Azores to be so tropical. The lush scenery was inspiring, and the deep ruby Azorean sunset was one of the finest we have ever seen.

Where to stay

All three island groups pride themselves on being at one with the land. Their extensive range of accommodation has a common element that connects them to their natural environments. Whether that be fresh organic produce from the garden of a family-run bed and breakfast or wooden boho-shacks with private beaches offering morning views that make you feel as though you’re quite literally floating on the ocean, the islands take connecting with nature to another level. 

The Epic way is to focus on character, friendliness and style, and less on facilities and generic chain properties. Experience, insider knowledge, and constant curiosity keeps us exploring and developing our portfolio of places to stay on an ongoing basis. Discover some of our favourite picks throughout the islands and follow up with our experienced team to home in on your perfect choices.

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