Why Choosing Epic makes all the Difference

With all the options and information out there on the internet, we are led to believe that travel planning is getting easier. But as options and opinions broaden, it’s easy for confusion to set in and it can become more and more difficult to know which way to turn, and who to trust. After all, vacation time is precious and you really want to get it right, right?

We hope as you read this that you have already had a chance to get excited and inspired about travel in our destinations. But of course, getting our job right involves a lot more than compiling a collection of snazzy travel photos. There are reasons why past guests recommend Epic and we’d like to make these a bit clearer for you.

Why organise your holiday / vacation with Epic?

A Common Ethos

So, let’s start at the beginning. We are a dedicated culturally-diverse team of experienced travel planners and organisers, all of us passionate about travel and about looking after people. We believe that life is about experiences and that travel can help you not just to do more, but be more.

Focus on the Human Touch

The secret to good travel design is really understanding your guests and their requirements. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But it’s a unique skill set, and one we have honed over time. We know what questions to ask to get you to the right answers and ultimately the best journey. We stand apart for our human communication in a digital world, and it’s that which gets us to the heart of your requirements, aspirations, hopes and dreams.

Although knowing the nitty gritty of the landscape and travel context is key, our approach to travel planning is more holistic. We don’t just think of the practical elements of where you want to go and what you want to see, but we get behind the ‘why’ for the trip, what brought you to this point and what are the needs of other people in your party.

On the Ground Expertise

We consider ourselves both curious and innovative, and this keeps us at the cutting edge of new developments, travel ideas and partnerships – some of which go way beyond travel. We have spent years cultivating important relationships with hotels, guides and activity providers, and the impact of these partnerships on the quality of your experience should not be underestimated. Whilst we aren’t a “gold taps” -type luxury company per se, we absolutely understand what it means to feel looked after. These relationships provide an important key to this.

When you book with Epic you are going “straight to the horse’s mouth”. Our people know the best places to stay, best transport solutions, latest new and unique experiences, and the best people to engage with. We have personally vetted all the stays and understand what kind of place suits which kind of person and why. It’s taken us years to get this level of knowledge and expertise.

Seamless Experience

DIY travel planning on the internet tends to be a low-cost method of holiday organisation, which stands to reason really. What’s offered is usually a straightforward product that’s off-the-shelf and, in most cases, involves little in the way of combining different travel experiences in a logical, exciting and personalised way.

We require very little time investment from you to plan and personalise your trip, and when it’s done, we take care of all the booking and pre-alignment of stays with your individual requirements. Simply put – you sit back and we do the rest.

A Valued and Valuable Service

If you are one of those people who believes paying a bit extra for a great experience is worth it, you won’t be disappointed. Typically we come in on budget with a price which includes our planning fee, specially negotiated rates for handpicked ‘epic’ properties, transport, transfers and a support team on the ground. Our suppliers are also committed to providing an epic level of service built through an understanding over years of what works for our clients – Epic is a name that guarantees respect, luxurious care and warmth.

A Grass Roots Company

We believe that tourism should provide opportunities to, and aid development of, local communities where we work. We are committed to working with local social causes in our destinations, and provide training and support at a grass roots level for the people who work with us, the guides, local staff and more independent properties who need a helping hand.    

Get in touch with one of our travel experts through info@epic.travel or by filling out our contact form.