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In Search of New Experiences

We all love a great adventure. We dream of leaving the mundane in our rear-view mirror, as we go boldly in search of exciting new experiences. But when you try to turn the dream into reality, you get lost in the planning maze. We’re here to help make the magic happen, in a way that suits you, and without the hassle and uncertainty of going it alone.

Epic creates personalised travel experiences, matching your desires with the best our destinations have to offer. We go beyond, so you can go further.

I’ve never booked through a travel company before and was overwhelmed by the local knowledge and thoughtfulness of the trip

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Be More Epic

We exist to help people to do more, and be more, through travel. We believe that the benefits of travel go way beyond your holiday – both for you, the traveler, and for the local communities we support. Our mission is to share with you the world of possibility we have discovered.

Here is a flavour of what we could organise for you…

  • Eat like a Local

    Eat like a Local

    When you first touchdown in a new place and a new culture it’s always a pleasure to get straight into some tasty local cuisine. Why not try one of our street food tours? 

  • Explore in style

    Explore in style

    Great experiences are often about seeing the sites in a different sort of way. In Marrakech and Lisbon why not explore the cities in vintage style, by motorcycle sidecar.  

  • Bird's-eye view

    Bird's-eye view

    New and special experiences are at the heart of great memories. Get a new perspective on your surroundings with a view from the sky in a hot air balloon. 

  • Head for the Hills

    Head for the Hills

    Adventure and the outdoors are in our DNA and we always recommend wilderness treks as a way to explore great landscapes and rural culture. 

  • Hit the Waves

    Hit the Waves

    Morocco and Portugal are premier Atlantic coast surf destinations. Take to the waves and learn to surf and see what the surf boom is all about.

  • Camp in style

    Camp in style

    Morocco, in particular, is home to vast areas of desert and mountain wilderness. We set up luxury tent camps in the wild for you to experience a unique night under the stars. 

  • Shop


    Discovering a country’s artisanal heritage through its shops is an experience that can be organised in the hands of a local expert. At least half of every couple likes shopping, eh?

  • Taste the wine!

    Taste the wine!

    For many, it’s all about the wine. Classes can be organised to learn about local wines and both Portugal and Morocco have an interesting heritage of wine-making.

  • And Relax....

    And Relax....

    We specialise in unique, hidden, boutique accommodation. Our style is small, intimate and friendly and we have a long list of great options. 

Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me.

Jack Kerouac

How it works

Let’s face it, planning a really good holiday takes a lot of time and energy, and that’s time that most people don’t have. With all the digital noise in our lives and the bamboozling array of options, the job has become increasingly confusing. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our expertise cuts out the noise and we provide clear direction based on a three stage approach. We listen, we create, you experience. The process is simple so start planning your Epic trip now.

  • Talk to Us

    Talk to Us

    Tell us about yourself and what your dream holiday looks like. We like to understand you. It’s the key to our work and it sets us apart from the rest. 

  • Create Trip Plan

    Create Trip Plan

    Following a dialogue, together we’ll create a trip plan that’s tailored to your needs. No matter what you’d like to do, we’ll do our best to make it happen. 

  • Book it!

    Book it!

    Once we’ve mapped out your trip and you’re happy with the plan, book it, sit back, relax and look forward to your trip. You can leave the rest to us.

Take the Plunge

Pick up your phone or drop us an email using this address or the contact form. Tell us your requirements and we’ll start customising your trip!

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