• Private Oasis

    Private Oasis

    The space is entirely your own, where it is possible to stop and enjoy the sound of silence surrounded by nothing but the soothing secluded hum of nature in its rawest form. Everything you need is already taken care of, from farm-to-table breakfast baskets delivered fresh each morning to sporting materials – whether that be a surfboard to hit the ocean swell or poles to tackle Portugal’s highest mountain. So sit back, relax and enjoy your very own private island oasis. 

  • Luxury Beach Shack

    Luxury Beach Shack

    A secluded wooden treehouse shack located on the east edge of São Tomé island made entirely of ecological wood. The design is simple yet comforting and open plan so that you feel as though you are blending into the land. The best part? The view out to the ocean is second-to-none and with private beach access down below you may find you’ll never want to leave your east island cove oasis.

  • Shepherds Cottage

    Shepherds Cottage

    An old shepherd’s cottage located on the western edge of Madeira’s small island in the natural forest of Laurissilva. Farm animals still live on its lands today and provide fresh produce for the breakfast brought to the homes each morning alongside organic produce that grows in the gardens. Heritage and home-roots are evident in all elements of its design, creating stunning artisan features that stand out against the traditional stone building.  

  • Cedar Cabin

    Cedar Cabin

    Here you are completely surrounded by the scent of fresh pine and intense moody colours of the 2-hectare cedar forest that acts as a natural fence to the outside. Panoramic views offer you a stark contrast of greens and blues with ocean views shadowed by the towering volcano that dominates Pico island.