• Culture


    The culture that exists across all the islands is some of the most unique as a result of numerous influences of settlers that passed through on grand transatlantic voyages. Pursuits were largely driven by the agricultural potential of fertile lands and the hunt for wild sea species. A lot of these are celebrated each year with vibrant festivals, Read some of our favourite cultural experiences that enable you to connect closer to society.

  • Carnival


    Your vision painted with vibrant colour floats all the more illuminated against the starry Atlantic night. Your ears ring to the rhythm of samba drums as their Brazilian beat pulsates in the air. You smell fresh, garlicky bolo do caco bread grilling on stone grills, a stark contrast against the fresh Atlantic coastal air. Carnival in Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is one of the biggest calendar parties, when the city is awash with humour and the locals dance in outfits that pull out all the stops for an evening of endless fun and entertainment.

  • Azorean Roots

    Azorean Roots

    In the 19th century, many Azoreans emigrated to the United States and Canada when American whaling ships started arriving across the islands. As a result, a strong tie and cultural connection has been created between the archipelagos and North America. Think you may have a connection? Discover your history with an expert local guide to unearth your Azorean ancestors and how they may have lived to reestablish a unique bond with the Azores.