• Family-Run


    The Azores is that sort of heavenly place where all your worries subside as soon as you’re able to breathe in that fresh, natural and raw air. It’s no wonder that the islanders who populate the archipelago share that same sense of free-spiritedness. Paired with the warmest hospitality, staying in a small family-run establishment is our favourite way to connect with the islands across the Azores. From family heritage evident in every single room of the humble stays, to small artisanal touches and tiny attentions to detail that prove a little goes a very long way…the Azoreans are always eager to welcome you into their inspiring homes. 

  • Pink House

    Pink House

    A short drive up the hill from the capital of Ponta Delgada on São Miguel, small attentions to detail are what make the experience at this house a singular shade of pink so special. A fresh breakfast basket is brought to your door each morning and marked with a flower that grows from the exotic garden. 

  • Exotic Garden

    Exotic Garden

    There’s no pineapple quite as sweet as the ones that grow on the island of São Miguel in the Azores. Sweeter than honey, the taste is addictive, so imagine staying at a small family-run bed and breakfast where a garden full of them grows quite literally on your doorstep. Also home to famous pineapple greenhouses that have been producing the fruit since 1958, staying here gives you exclusive access to the organic garden where you can wander amongst banana and avocado trees… the breakfast here is definitely not to be skipped!

  • Artistic Heritage

    Artistic Heritage

    Experience how Azorean families live sharing a unique accommodation with the family who live on-site. The dining room is perhaps the most compelling of all the rooms set inside the small Quinta, a remodeled Ermida (Chapel) featuring a long wooden-table, it is the perfect setting for dining until the early hours surrounded by paintings of ‘Peixes Falantes’ (talking fish) sketched by a family member, and one of the most influential Portuguese artists hailing from the Azores, José Nuno da Camara.