• Culinary


    Food brings the family around the table to spend quality time together in Portugal and this same philosophy is very much shared across the islands, but offers a tropical twist thanks to the unique microclimates they exist under. From smooth and rich chocolate to exotic fruits, check out some of our tropical culinary experiences.

  • Chocolate


    The centre of global cocoa production, they say that the beans are sweeter here, a result of the attentive care of its farmers. Rich volcanic soil and a location that places it right on the equator makes São Tomé and Príncipe a prime location for cultivating premium cocoa and it’s one of the islands’ biggest sources of income. Production is on a much smaller scale, but the flavour is amplified. Tour the estate with a local producer who will guide you through the process before sampling the sweet goods in a restored colonial farmhouse.

  • Pineapple Plantations

    Pineapple Plantations

    Smaller, sweeter and much more succulent, the bonus is that they take less time to grow. Whilst the climate of the Azores’ São Miguel island is far from tropical, its warm organic-enriched soils create the perfect natural setting for growing a variety of produce. The island is home to over 6,000 pineapple greenhouses and it’s common to find the locals selling freshly carved, tasty slices on the side roads whilst driving along Portugal’s most natural and untouched landscape.

  • Bolo Lêvedo

    Bolo Lêvedo

    You can often find locals in Furnas in Sao Miguel char grilling Bolo Lêvedo, a traditional bread, on a hot basalt stone by the side of the road. Typically served warm and oozing with hot garlicky butter, it can also be served with a sweet filling. Either way, it’s so delicious you’ll want to eat it straight away!