Top 6 Travel Trends of 2022

So you’re itching to get out exploring and ready to take the plunge but not sure what travel will look like in 2022? We’ve gathered some insights here at Epic to assess what the top travel trends will look like.

Trip of a lifetime 

Perhaps not all of you were able to get to where you wanted to in 2021 but now that doors are reopening it’s ready to tick off those bucket-list adventures. These past few years have illuminated that there might not always be time to embark on these big adventures, so there’s no time like the present to go for it! Expedia has labelled it GOAT Travel (Greatest of All Trips). 

What about spending a night sleeping under the stars in the Sahara? Camp on the peak of Portugal’s highest mountain? We’ve got you covered.

Ecotourism is here to stay 

The pandemic has highlighted the close connection between health and sustainability, and climate change has risen to the top of consumer issues of concern. Our awareness of protecting our planet is becoming more apparent by the day. Regardless of where we travel, the impact we are making on it is becoming increasingly important. We’re looking for sustainable ways to travel and protect the destinations we love. 

For 2022 we’re making our impact matter. Epic is working toward sustainable water supplies in Morocco and Portugal that cut out the unnecessary need for plastic. We’re working with “Travel Sustainable” accommodation that puts the needs of nature first, using practices to offset your impact.

Bring your friends or make new ones

2022 is the year for reunions. Why not make this even more special by reuniting with friends in a unique destination. Mark the occasion with a big impact, summit a mountain together or go on a surfing vacation. Solo travellers are ready to meet people again, going on remote expeditions with the intention of making new friends to last a lifetime. We have joined hands with the ultimate solo travel company who have 12 departures confirmed for 2022 in Morocco and 8 in Portugal, feel free to send us a message if you’d like some further details.

Seamless escapes – worry and hassle free!

We’ve had more time to research where we go and it’s becoming more important with understanding Covid-related protocols as they vary by country. As local experts, we take the hassle out of your hands and provide regular up-to-date information in a simple document format. Travel is supposed to be a seamless experience, we’re here to make it easy for you.


If the last few years have proven one thing, it’s that many of us can work from anywhere with good wifi. Younger Gen Z’s with a more flexible schedule are already planning to take workcations in 2022. Companies with ‘Work from Anywhere’ policies are more likely to attract big talent. Epic are well connected with co-working spaces in our destinations, but there are also many off the beaten track bookable venues that allow the space and freedom that can inspire new thinking. Feel free to send us a message on our contact form for more details.


Trip-stacking is the process of booking multiple vacations back-to-back. We’re ready to maximise our trips abroad and get the most out of our time as we travel. Did you know that you can fly between Lisbon and Marrakech in just over an hour? It’s been one of our most successful offers to date! Our travellers love stopping off in the two countries to experience a variety of scenery in one trip. It’s a great way to pack an eclectic mix of colourful culture into your travel plan.

The trends are optimistic, now it’s time to live them! Ready to plan your own GOAT-inspired travel experience? Get in touch with one of our on-the-ground travel experts to start planning your dream vacation for 2022.