5 Top Tips when Visiting Morocco’s Beaches

What to wear

Visiting a beach in Morocco is a bit different to visiting one in Europe or America because it’s a Muslim country, so you will find women wearing Burkinis or light tops and leggings. This is their choice and part a cultural code over here to preserve modesty, but not all Moroccan women choose the Burkini route – many simply wear swim shorts and bikini tops or swimsuits, it depends on the person and their thoughts on the matter, generally covering up a bit gains more respect. For foreigners, however, there is an understanding that you are not from this culture, you can wear what you like really – a swimsuit or a bikini, but definitely not go topless! If you want to be culturally empathetic then a crop top and surf- style girls swim shorts are a good option, maybe with a wrap or Gandora over the top when you’re walking around.

For men shorts and trunks are fine, but speedos (as is generally the rule everywhere) can leave little to the imagination, so unless you’re Tom Daly we’d suggest leaving them at home.

For surfers and kite surfers you can find wetsuits and rash vests locally to hire (along with surfboards and kite surfing kit) if you don’t want to lug yours through customs.

Things to do

Camels and horses are often available for rides on the beaches of Morocco, as well as quad bikes and this can be a really fun thing to do. If you choose to go for a horse ride, be clear to the guide how fast you want to go as the horses are great quality and if you want to, you can have a fantastic gallop. At some of the beachside stables, they will offer you all the right equipment but be mindful that those horses you can grab and go with on the beach don’t always come with a helmet – Moroccan’s are daredevils and don’t have the same health and safety concerns as us always.

If you fancy surfing or kite surfing, the local shops can hire you a board or kite surf and there are lots of qualified instructors and classes you can book.

Epic can organise all of this for you in advance as part of our dedication to ensuring experiences booked with us are good and safe as they can be.

Beachside snacking

It’s great to sample the local seafood when you’re near the beach, sardine tagine is a must cooked with cumin and spices, in may fishing ports you can get fresh fish straight off the boats and have it cooked for you in a local restaurant. Try the local ‘St Pierre’, Calamari, prawns, swordfish and even sea urchins for the more adventurous.

On the beach, you will be offered fresh fruit, freshly baked donuts (difficult to refuse) popcorn and cornet wraps of nuts.

You can eat very well for around 50 dirhams.

Swimming safely

Please be aware that even though the water near the shore may look calm and safe, there is always the possibility of rip tides and strong currents as you go further out. Do not swim far out of your depth if you are alone and do not have good local information on that beach.
Beaches aren’t always guarded as well as they are in some other countries with flags and tide information freely available, it’s useful to have an inside track from a local which Epic will happily provide.

Protecting your assets

As always on a beach – take care to cover up when the sun gets at it’s hottest, the breeze here, especially on the windy Atlantic coast, can be deceptive, you should definitely take a hat or cap with you and make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen on hand. You might not know this but some sunscreens can actually be harmful to the sea and marine life
– so if you want to be planet-friendly check out the following link: Eco-friendly sunscreen brands

Keeping valuables safe

When you’re in the sea as with most beaches these days you’ll need to keep an eye on your valuables. There are sellers on the beach touting phone protectors with a zip which can be hung around your neck and keeps your phone free from sand. Then when you go for a dip you can tip some of local umbrella boys to keep an eye on your belongings for you – suffice to say don’t take a fortune to the beach.

There is so much to enjoy about the beaches of Morocco and many are rarely visited by foreigners, for more information on beaches check out our blogs on Northern and Southern beaches.

To book a beach holiday or a visit to Morocco where beaches are part of the attraction, please contact info@Epic.Travel