Travel Photography: Capture Moments – Saving Memories

Epic sat down with our design guru and keen photographer Mike Kus who shared some of his favourite travel moments alongside tips on how he approaches travel photography.

@Mike Kus Photography

Capturing atmosphere not just places

When we travel we create memories; memories that we want to save and look back on in the years to come. When we see new places our impulse is to photograph them. It’s only natural that we reach for our cameras to capture the epic vistas and magical sunsets but our memories of an experience are sometimes stored in the less obvious moments. Sometimes it’s just a certain kind of atmosphere, light, colour, texture, or taste that send us back to that certain place and time. Thinking of photography in these terms can lead us to take photos that we might not ordinarily think of taking. This can help you capture a set of images that will trigger vivid and meaningful memories of your travel experiences.


I took a road trip to Texas recently; from the city to cowboy country. I aimed to capture the light, the people, the food and the neon lights of the honky-tonk music bars. I still captured the skylines of Houston and Austin but the vivid memories exist in the smaller details. 


I visited Jersey in January a couple of years back. It was cold and for the most part wet with only a few windows of sunshine. But it didn’t matter as Jersey comes with an endless, epic coastline with long grass, wild waves and atmospheric sea mist. Combine this with momentary breaks in the cloud and you have all the ingredients you need to create a set of memorable pictures.


A few years back I documented a road trip through India. It was so full of colour, vibrancy and atmosphere that I didn’t know where to start. It was such a busy place that it became clear that the people would be the focus of my documentary. I ended up producing a black and white set of images. In one sense it felt strange to make a black and white set of images of such a colour place but in another way I felt it helped my photos focus on the people in them. I find black and white strips one’s photos of unwanted distractions and this can really help when photographing people. It also brings a sense of history and nostalgia to your pictures. It’s definitely worth experimenting with black and white.

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