Future of Travel – Epic goes electric

Choosing travel by Tesla

Epic has launched its first electric fleet car in Portugal, partnering with Tesla. Founder Charlie Shepherd said of the choice of Tesla; “We’d been puzzling over how to get more electric vehicles into our travel experiences in Morocco and Portugal, there isn’t much readily available so we decided to do it ourselves. Tesla felt like the right fit for our brand, it looks really simple, feels seamless and stylish but yet there is a great deal of complexity underneath, in that sense it has many similarities with what we do as an on the ground end-to-end travel designer”

The first Tesla hit the roads in Portugal this month, February 2023, and is handled by fleet director; Miguel Campos who is also the sole driver currently, so that he can gather the learning’s from this first launch to build into the bigger plan. Together with founder Charlie he will be charting where the Tesla will add most value, where it makes sense within bookings and traveller journeys.

First experiences – Miguel’s report

“Epic Tesla is a success, very comfortable, spacious and great to drive.  Since Monday, I’ve been with clients on a site inspection between Lisbon and Comporta.  I left Porto with 99% battery, drove 300 km to Lisbon and stopped for 15 minutes to have a coffee and charge the car with a super charger.  we spent 15 euros and no more for 4 days.  I was charging the Tesla in the hotels where I stayed (I chose hotels with chargers for the car) I think I will have to charge the car on the trip to Porto, but I won’t need to charge it for a long time.  In 800km in total at the end of our trip I expect just to have spent 30 euros”

And of the driving experience he says “its fast – watch out!”

A long term ambition

The ultimate ambition would be to be able to offer electric transport across markets, but for Morocco this is still a while away as the large distances and remoteness of some of the landscape and towns still creates hurdles, but Epic remain confident they will get there eventually.

For now we’re off to create the perfect in car driving tracks for the ultimate Tesla travel experience.

For more information on this initiative or to learn how to become part of a greener travel experience with Epic contact info@epic.travel