Top 6 Travel Trends for 2021

What will travel look like when we get out of the world of Zoom and back into physical reality with our freedoms back again?

We’ve had a chat at epic and here are our top 6 travel predictions.

Safe and Familiar

We think that travel will start slow and people will want to revisit their favourite places, the ones you know a bit and where you feel happy and safe, we’re expecting those who fell in love with Morocco to want to come back to their favourite stays in particular as a country which has managed the pandemic particularly well and with wide-open spaces and lots of outdoor possibilities.

Joyful Release

Some people are predicting a ‘roaring 20’s’ kind of vibe will hit at some point, with people busting to get out and experience joyful moments again. We can see more focus on togetherness and experiences you can enjoy together to bond again and reconnect with different cultures.

Physical Sensations

Zoom has dumbed down our senses so there could be a desire for more physical sensations – we’ve seen it with the popularity of wild cold swimming and the Wim Hof method, so getting closer to physical reality and sensation like wild swimming, conquering landscapes with adventure challenges could be on the cards.

Team Togetherness

Companies who are now more disconnected and home-based will be using travel to explore team strengths and discover new things and new ideas from the wider world.

Responsible Luxury

There will be a refocus on travel which reduces the negative impacts on the environment and community. We’ve already seen airlines such as BA with new more sustainable fuel plans for transatlantic flights and aircraft becoming lighter. There will also be a focus on luxury stays that positively benefit the ecosystem around them at a grassroots level and better management of travel-associated waste.

Boomers or Bust

Boomers +55 continue to be cash-rich in terms of travel and the ones ticking off a bucket list while younger consumers are looking for more affordable options and stays which develop their sense of self.

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