• Island Life

    Island Life

    With enchanting waterfalls, volcanic crater lakes, hot restorative springs, and delicious local delicacies, Portugal's islands open up even more opportunity for discovery. At Epic, we believe the islands offer some of Portugal's best-kept secrets and both the Azores and Madeira are great destinations for hiking enthusiasts, collectively offering a selection of fine trails possible to tackle all year round. Paired with exceptional gastronomy and adventure activities on the coast, the islands are a truly unique experience for all.

  • Pineapple Plantations

    Pineapple Plantations

    Smaller, sweeter and much more succulent, the bonus is that they take less time to grow. Whilst the climate of São Miguel island is far from tropical, its warm organic-enriched soils create the perfect natural setting for growing a variety of produce. The island is home to over 6,000 pineapple greenhouses and it's common to find the locals selling freshly carved, tasty slices on the side roads whilst driving along Portugal’s most natural and untouched landscape.

  • Surfing in the Azores

    Surfing in the Azores

    Whilst mainland Portugal offers 600 miles of rugged coastline with unexcelled conditions for surfing, true surf fanatics will head to the Azores islands to take on some of the Atlantic coasts more demanding waves. Every September, São Miguel hosts The World Surf League at the beaches of Monte Verde and Santa Barbara with an abundance of wild waves for all levels. It's a great spot to enjoy the surf in one of our favourite remote surroundings.

  • Bolo Lêvedo

    Bolo Lêvedo

    You can often find locals in Furnas in Sao Miguel char grilling Bolo Lêvedo, a traditional bread, on a hot basalt stone by the side of the road. Typically served warm and oozing with hot garlicky butter, it can also be served with a sweet filling. Either way, it’s so delicious you’ll want to eat it straight away!

  • Pico Peak

    Pico Peak

    2351 metres high, Mount Pico dominates the landscape and is one of Portugal's more challenging climbs. With harsh terrain and turbulent weather which can change by the hour, this certainly isn't a trek we take light-heartedly. At Epic we work with expert local island guides who've experienced climbing Pico in all conditions to assist you every step of the way. The best part? After appreciating its remarkable views, finish with a rewarding visit to a basalt-rock winery to sample the local Verdelho grape alongside sumptuous Pico soft cheese.