• Culinary


    In Portugal, food isn’t just a part of the culture, it is the culture and it’s everywhere, whether you’re walking through the streets of Alfama in June with the aroma of freshly grilled sardines filling the air, or out in the vineyards of the Alentejo wine region, quenching your thirst with the most quaffable wines. There’s plenty of ways to discover it and read on to find out some of our suggestions. 

  • The Wine Flat

    The Wine Flat

    For wine lovers there’s no better way of learning about wine than from a local sommelier. Our friend and sommelier Teresa offers private experiences conducted in her Wine Flat in central Lisbon, it’s a highly informative introduction to Portuguese wines and their respective regions, a great grounding when you land in Lisbon before going out and discovering more within the different wine regions.

  • Oysters of Moinho

    Oysters of Moinho

    Moinho dos Ilheus, is a family-owned oyster farm that has been passed down through three generations and covers 26-hectares within the Ria Formosa Natural Park. The region supplies the most renowned restaurants across Portugal, and here you can learn more about the lifecycle of the oyster, before picking and preparing your own. Delicious when served with a twist of lemon and a glass of Algarvian dry white wine.

  • Port Wine

    Port Wine

    A world-renowned treasure hailing from the voluptuous green vineyard-wrapped hills of the Douro, port is not just a dessert drink in its hometown, but a way of life enjoyed by all, especially during occasions that bring the family together. There’s no moment sweeter than tasting the nectar from a semi-sweet ruby whilst sat in a 240-year-old cellar surrounded by the cask oak that aged it so perfectly.   

  • Sophia's Garden Kitchen

    Sophia's Garden Kitchen

    Step inside Sophia’s charming garden kitchen, set just outside Evora’s historic city walls where you’re surrounded by the aroma of a range of homegrown herbs and delicious organic produce. Here you can learn about Portuguese cuisine and traditions, particular to the Alentejo region, but with an Algarvian twist. Cook up a three-course meal then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labours in an elegant setting with Sophia’s favourite wines.