• Riad Style

    Riad Style

    Riad (meaning garden in Arabic) is the name given to a traditional courtyard house in Moroccan medinas. They come in a variety of forms, but typically rooms are set around a central patio and are often plain from the outside but highly ornate within. The last twenty years has seen a surge in riad renovation projects and the result is at times spectacular. One of the go-to experiences in Morocco is to spend a few nights in one of the vast array that have been converted into boutique hotels and guest houses. Contemporary, traditional, minimalist, themed, big, small, for private usage or as a room in a hotel, there’s something for everyone.

  • Marrakech medina

    Marrakech medina

    In terms of the breadth of options, Marrakech sits in a category of its own. The riad scene has been booming for a decade and we have a long list of tried and trusted riad partners in all styles and standards. Marrakech offers some small, highly convivial boutique properties with a handful of rooms, as well as some larger riad-style hotels that offer more in the way of facilities. The common link is that they are normally hidden down a maze of pedestrianised streets and the effect on opening their often plain and nondescript front doors can be really quite magical. 

  • Fez medina

    Fez medina

    The more traditional nature of Fez in comparison with Marrakech has an impact on the riad offering in the city. Interior design and traditional architectural proportions tend to be more strictly adhered to than in Marrakech, and the volume of options is more limited. That said, there are a number of excellent choices and one of the joys of Fez is to be able to enjoy some astounding views from the rooftop terraces that many offer. 

  • Interiors


    Morocco has attracted a lot of attention in recent years on account of its refined interior design and deco scene. Riads are a playground for architects and designers, and anything goes with regard to decoration. Interior designs are often fuelled by an owner’s personal story or by the need to stand out from the ever-growing crowd. The good news for the guest is that we have options to suit all tastes but finding your way through the riad scene on the internet is a difficult challenge so tell us your requirements and let us do the work for you!