• Moroccan Sahara

    Moroccan Sahara

    The Moroccan Sahara is the area formerly known as the Spanish Sahara, and we have included the towns of Guelmim and Assa in this geographical category. There are a few regions of Southern Morocco that border the Sahara and this is one that sees the fewest visitors on account of its remoteness, and certainly far fewer than the Erg Chebbi and Erg Chegaga regions. If you get the chance to get down there from Agadir and the Anti-Atlas Mountains it can be rewarding and refreshing as the impact of tourism is minimal and it remains authentic and traditional. 

  • Guelmim and Assa

    Guelmim and Assa

    It has to be said that not a lot of people have been to Guelmim. It’s a market town that sits a couple of hundred kilometres north of the Moroccan Sahara and it has a characteristic charm of its own, from its fleet of ancient Land Rovers to its decorative ironwork marketplace facades. It is also home to Morocco’s most important camel markets which is an experience to behold once a week. A hundred kilometres on, the town of Assa gives onto virgin desert terrain, where the Draa River valley enters its final stretch to the sea. For an offbeat desert experience for adventurous travellers it is highly recommended. 

  • Tighmert


    Closer to Guelmim is the Tighmert Oasis which is a picture-postcard-pretty palm oasis where there is a scattering of basic but very charming places to stay. Here the pace of life is slow, the people are very friendly, and it’s easy to wile away the hours strolling through the oasis where very little goes on, save the odd goat and sheep traffic jam. There is a Berber artifacts museum in the oasis and it is possible to easily visit Guelmim from here. 

  • Dakhla


    In the extreme south of the Moroccan Sahara lies Dakhla which, in practical terms, is best accessed by taking an internal flight from Agadir or Casablanca. It’s principal claim to fame is that it is one of the world’s premier kite surfing destinations. A number of surf camp-style beach properties have sprung about around Dakhla’s sublime lagoon and 4×4 trips can be organised on the ground to access sites where you can spot pink flamingo and plunge from pristine dunes into deep green waters. There is also a oyster heritage there and it’s one of the best place to sample the internationally-cherished delicacy!