• Erg Chebbi and the East

    Erg Chebbi and the East

    The east of Morocco is seldom-visited, with the exception of the south-eastern corner which is home to the highest and most impressive sand dunes in the country. The dunes of Erg Chebbi – or Merzouga as they are sometimes known – often find their way onto travellers’ itinerary plans as part of an interesting and varied grand journey between Marrakech and Fez. The Erg Chebbi experience includes staying overnight in a tented camp, riding a camel and potentially visiting one of the interesting sites of the region.

  • Rissani Market

    Rissani Market

    Of all the markets in Morocco, Rissani is one of our favourites. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, this interesting desert frontier town comes alive with throngs of locals from the surrounding regions flocking to their highly-atmospheric souk. The market is a modern-day commercial hub in a town that boasts a rich history of centuries of trans-Saharan trade. Here the skin of the people is darker, the ambience feels very African, and there are numerous interesting twists and turns in a rambling market that sells anything from multiple varieties of dates to camels.