• Luxury Glamping

    Luxury Glamping

    One of the most popular experiences we organise for our guests is luxury camping in the deserts of Morocco. Camps come in different shapes and sizes, from private installations that are set up exclusively for you in virgin locations, to fixed camps that have more infrastructure, and potentially, other guests. One thing that remains constant though is the focus on that magical period from sunset to sunrise, giving you the chance to experience staying under the stars with a camp fire and hospitable staff to look after you. 

  • Private Camp Agafay Desert

    Private Camp Agafay Desert

    Given its proximity to Marrakech, the Agafay Desert offers convenience and a desert ambience between the Red City and the Atlas Mountains. Our private camp is set up exclusively for you, offers a choice of safari or caidal (local-style) tents with private bathroom and shower, and all this in a wild location where there is normally nothing.  You can dine outdoors by candlelight or in a dining tent and you are accompanied of course by the obligatory camp fire. 

  • Scarabeo Camp Agafay Desert

    Scarabeo Camp Agafay Desert

    The Scarabeo Camp is as stylish a place as you are likely to find……anywhere in the world. Scarabeo’s world is one of colonial furnishings, novel vintage travel memorabilia – like piled up antique suitcases and old compasses – inviting you back to a by-gone era. All of this is delivered with style and panache, across a landscape of wild stone desert and sweeping views out over the High Atlas Mountains. An hour, and another world, away from Marrakech. 

  • Private Camp Erg Chebbi

    Private Camp Erg Chebbi

    Erg Chebbi is home to the highest and most impressive sand dunes in Morocco. The camp pictured is our private set up and is one of the options for staying overnight in the Sahara. The choice is between one of three options – a completely private camp that is built for you from scratch, a private camp as a satellite installation that is a fixed camp but just for you, or a shared camp with a degree of fixed infrastructure. Budget-permitting, we recommend the privacy and magic of a private camp as the best way to experience the Sahara – one of the wonders of the world!

  • Luxury Camp Erg Chegaga

    Luxury Camp Erg Chegaga

    Erg Chegaga is one of the principal regions of sand dunes in Morocco. Altogether wilder and more isolated than Erg Chebbi, Chegaga is an adventurer’s dream and is a wild landscape of dunes, stone desert and remote mountains, a short distance from the Algerian border. This comfortable fixed camp is set up in a quiet range of dunes, a short 4×4 journey from Erg Chegaga. Beds are supremely comfortable, the food is great, and the location is peace and quiet personified. For those of a more active disposition, activities such as ATVs and sand boarding can also be organised from the camp.