• Go Local

    Go Local

    As Moroccan culture and society is so intriguing to visitors, our Go Local activities and experiences are a mainstay of most of our programmes. Getting under the skin of the Moroccan way of life is part of the experience and the local population is by nature highly welcoming, hospitable and friendly. Go Local experiences can happen by design or simply by chance – in the form of encounters along the way – and our team of guides and drivers are there to facilitate opening doors to Moroccan culture and society.  

  • Cooking with a family

    Cooking with a family

    Fez is a very “Go Local” sort of place! It’s the country’s oldest city, and is considered the cultural, historical and intellectual heartland of Morocco. Less cosmopolitan than Marrakech and more proudly traditional, it’s a place that transports you back centuries. Learning to cook the Fassi way, in the authentic setting of a local family house, is a popular immersive experience both as a way to learn the techniques of home-cooking but also to gain more insight into how people live.  In addition, during the month of Ramadan, we organise evenings where guests can break the fast with a family at sunset. 

  • Homestay


    In the mountains of Morocco, local families open their houses to hikers, hence offering an authentic local experience that showcases the rich heritage of hospitality that prevails the length and breadth of the country. Mountain homestays come in various forms, from “gites” – very simple guesthouses – to “Chez L’habitant”, where facilities are often extremely basic. But what you can guarantee is be looked after with astonishing kindness. In Morocco the guest is King! 

  • Couscous Rolling

    Couscous Rolling

    Couscous is an important ingredient in Moroccan cuisine and making it is an art. At lunchtime on a Friday, millions of Moroccans take a long lunch after the collective prayer and dine on a traditional dish of couscous, meat, and boiled vegetables. This full day excursion into the Middle Atlas Mountains takes guests to a women’s association where visitors are taught the art of couscous rolling. It’s a way not only to discover the technique, but also to get a unique glimpse of rural life in the area. And of course, it doesn’t end there, as you will of course dine on what you have created!  

  • Lunch in a Berber Village

    Lunch in a Berber Village

    Sometimes it’s the simple encounters along the way that provide memories that stay with you long after you return home, and eating a meal in a Berber village house is one that sits high on the list of popular visitor experiences. As part of a day exploring the mountains, on foot, bike or by 4×4, we suggest incorporating a meal, or tea at the very least, in the heart of a village. It’s a way to see the inside of a typical house, enjoy some home-cooked Moroccan food, and of course, to experience close-up the famed hospitality of the people, which is often quite humbling. 

  • Market Visits

    Market Visits

    Markets, or souks, are an important aspect of life in Morocco, and in particular in rural areas. Most operate once a week and the towns in which they take place are named in part after the day of their souk. Not only are they an opportunity for trading of goods, they are also important meeting places for business negotiations, social gatherings and as a way for people to stay in touch with developments in the region. For this reason people flock from miles around and souks are a hive of activity and local colour. If you are in the right place at the right time our guides and drivers are primed to include a visit in your itineraries.