• Family


    Moroccan culture is very much focused around family life and most Moroccans love children. When you consider the variety of activities and terrain, the educational value of discovering a new culture, together with the warm welcome offered to children, Morocco makes the perfect travel destination for adventurous families. In this section we focus on more active pursuits but by dipping into some of the other experiences you’ll find other activities that may well be of interest.  

  • Mule Trekking

    Mule Trekking

    The Atlas Mountains can be visited from Marrakech in a day but keen hikers often choose to spend longer, either trekking out from a base or by following a linear, multi-day route through the mountains. Mules are used for transporting goods, and in the case of hikers, camping equipment and bags, but also serve as a great fall-back option for tired children. So any hikes planned with younger children can incorporate mules so they can alternate between walking and riding. For older children and adults we also organise horse riding. 

  • Zip Lining and Accropark

    Zip Lining and Accropark

    The Terres D’Amanar mountain activity centre is something of a favourite for families. It’s conveniently situated on the road between Marrakech and the High Atlas Mountains, so it makes a good stop-off for a half day of activities. The centre offers an accropark (treetops experience) suitable for all ages, longer zip lines and suspension bridges. Here we can also organise horse riding and electric mountain biking, taking advantage of a vast network of mountain trails in the Terres D’Amanar nature reserve. 

  • Camel Riding

    Camel Riding

    From experience, we know that most children want to ride a camel in Morocco!  Single-humped camels (dromedaries) are commonly found in the deserts of the country and the most common format is the organisation of sunset camel treks of around an hour in duration as a fun and interesting way of arriving at an overnight desert camp. Longer treks can be organised but be warned that although riding a camel is a novel experience, it can be highly uncomfortable. So it may really be a “once in a lifetime” experience!

  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Epic works with a highly-qualified and experienced local partner that organises customised rock climbing activities in the High Atlas Mountains. Climbing for all levels of experience – children and adults – can be organised around the villages of Imlil and Oukaimeden as a half day, or preferably full day, activity. All equipment is provided and instructors are highly qualified to ensure safety at all times. Morocco is also home to some premier climbing sites – notably the Todra Gorge and Tafraoute – so if your interest goes beyond a casual one, we can organise longer and more involved climbing trips.