• Culture


    Culture is a broad subject and we use our creativity in order to get our guests close up to Moroccan society. Our brand of more immersive experiences is aimed at providing fun, informative and engaging encounters with local people as a way of understanding more about a culture which is very different from that of most visitors. Morocco has both a rich and diverse history and colourful and interesting street life. Read on for just a few suggestions of experiences you can enjoy. 

  • Artisan Workshops

    Artisan Workshops

    One of the most strikingly different (and charming) aspects of the ancient medinas of Morocco is the artisan heritage which still lives and breathes throughout the country. Artisans, from carpenters to basket makers and leatherworkers to carpet-weavers, ply their trades from tiny holes in the medieval walls, and for the visitor, getting an insight into these ancient arts is a treasure. No matter what your particular area of interest we can match you up with an artisan for half and full day workshops in Marrakech and Fez. 

  • Yves Saint Laurent Museum

    Yves Saint Laurent Museum

    In contrast, contemporary design and architecture come together with stunning effect at the new YSL museum in Marrakech. Yves Saint Laurent was one of a long list of high-profile people who loved Marrakech and gained artistic inspiration from the city. His villa stands testimony to his love of the place and this stylish and impressive museum pays homage to his inimitable style and influence. The museum is situated next to the Majorelle Botanical Garden which is another one of the leading sights of Marrakech. 

  • Medina Walking Tour

    Medina Walking Tour

    One of the most enduring images of Morocco is getting lost in a warren of labyrinthine alleyways in its ancient walled cities, or Medinas. Most of Morocco’s major cities have an old heart and the medinas of Fez and Marrakech are accorded UNESCO Heritage status. We regard them as living museums and our walking tours focus both on street life and how people as well as monuments.  Our tours, which are a great way to get orientated early on in your trip, are organised on a private basis so feel free to provide us with information on your specific interests and we will tailor visits to your requirements. 

  • Photography Workshop

    Photography Workshop

    Morocco is a photogenic place. The pin sharp desert light, the crumbling burnt orange walls and the colourful street life makes for limitless possibilities. We organise travel photography workshops for a half and full day where you take to the streets with a locally-based photographer to learn the art of capturing images in this environment. The culture can be sensitive to photographic imagery of people and the workshop provides insight into how to best tackle this challenge whilst in Morocco.