Exceptional Eco Retreat in North Morocco

Morocco’s Northern coast is less visited in general versus the popular beach towns of the south. This means the coastal surroundings of the North can be more tranquil, while feeling authentic and exclusive. Up until now there has been a gap in the number of high-end offerings south of Tangier, so we were happy to find a new property that ticks all the boxes for our clients (calm, natural ‘Nu luxury’ which is low impact and kind to the local environment and people). The concept will be fully launched this September 2023.

La Fiermontina Ocean is nestled on the cliffs above the beaches on the sun-drenched coast of Larache, a short hop away from Tangier and the popular Spanish influenced, seaside town of Asilah with its many creative murals and fishing heritage. With deserted beaches and untouched bays, ocean-facing dunes and hidden natural gems, this new property has a magnetic energy. And really great for the epic traveller is the fact that you also feel part of a respectful and supportive kind of hospitality; an eco-retreat that wants to protect natural landscapes, the people that live in them and give hope to the inhabitants of the remote villages nearby. A perfect restorative, and feel good break, which leaves you time to explore the local surroundings or just sit and watch the ocean from one of many ocean facing rooms and suites with an inside-out, out-side-in feeling to them.

With influences of Italy meets Morocco, the space itself benefits from the simple lines you’d expect from Italian style, while the food also benefits from the fusion of cultures. There are a number of wellness options including Hammam, spa treatments, yoga, and you can enjoy cooking classes featuring local produce.

Notable visits nearby include the Roman ruins of Lixus. Stand on the top of the promentery amongst the ruins and imagine the ancients looking out over the snaking Loukkos river below. There is also Larache itself with a fort and the historic Church of San Franscisco. There are miles of sandy beaches you can explore including a beach private to the hotel, while culinary delights feature freshly caught sea food. If horse-riding is your thing its simple to organise a gallop along the beach or in the local forests.

The hotel owners have been very keen to create a hotel which is empathetic and supporting of the surroundings, using local stone and an architectural design which is in sympathy with the environment. They have also created the ‘Dunes of Khemis Sahl’ a regional natural park aimed at preserving the local eco-system through the reforestation of an area of 10 hectares with olive and fruit trees, and are working on projects to protect the coastal dunes. The hotel is providing employment for local villages, helping to halt the drift and ultimate desertion of village life in favor of migration to urban centres.

A feel good retreat in every way, in a stunning and under-developed part of Morocco.